EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS VERY WORK-IN-PROGRESS. Please suggest ways to improve the web frontend if you have any ideas.
Stillborn itself is also very unfinished and in its current state requires players able to assist with the development progress through suggestions and bug reports.
Stillborn is mostly stable at the core but is considered beta as it is not considered to have a satisfying amount of content by the game admins. Please note this should you join.

Welcome to the web frontend for the Stillborn MOO!

The connection info for Stillborn is sabbath.online:666. On clients where IP and port are handled separately, the IP is sabbath.online and the port is 666.

If you're new to Stillborn or don't quite understand what it is, you can read the information below.

Stillborn for Dummies

You can access information on different objects and information databases directly from the MOO with this website.

Stillborn help index
Stillborn mail database

We have a Discord server! Feel free to use it to communicate with other members of our community, or contact administration if you need help or have questions.

Stillborn Discord server

Note that this web frontend updates in real time and reads from the MOO directly for every page. Help files you see here are always 1:1 with the ones ingame, so never worry that something may be out of date.
Feel free to report on other potential practical uses for the Stillborn web frontend to Garalina.