Stillborn is many things.

In a round-based experience of differing scenarios, you assume the role of a poor and unfortunate soul trying to survive.

One can be anything based on what the running setting permits without prerequisites.

That said, what survival means is very different between a hobo and a politician, as well as the amount of others who want you dead.

"Enough bullshit, what do I do?"

If you aren't familiar with MUDs or how to play them, someone at Sabbath will be happy to help you.

Right now authorization is manual. Speak to an administrator at the Discord server linked below.

This is sadly the only way to do this so far.


Stillborn, by virtue of its medium, is capable of simulating every heinous event realistically imaginable; as well as some that are not realistically imaginable. Such exists as a side effect and as a means of making the world more grounded in truth.
Don't play Stillborn if you are under 18, or feel you might be negatively affected by such content in a text medium.

Newbie Guide

Everyone starts somewhere. Read this if you aren't familiar with MUDs.

Under construction.


The Sabbath Discord

A friendly, quiet place. Slack is preferred.

Join us.

The Sabbath Slack

A friendlier, quieter place.

Join us.

Game Rules

Your actions within the game may have ramifications outside it. Read the game's rules and remember we're all here to have a good time.

Under construction.

Crafting Guide

The difference between man and beast.

Under construction.

MOO Front-end

The game itself broadcasts to the internet.

See data, help files, ingame forums, and more.


Stillborn uses the Stunt binary as well as code from Improvise. Stillborn began with GhostCore and has been heavily modified since. Everything from that point has been coded by mostly Jane or Sabbath's cultists.